How fitting that last Sunday I was here writing about beginnings and today I want to talk about endings. I am naturally drawn to the excitement of new plans and intentions. But I also feel a strong obligation to see those plans through. I don't have many UFOs or half-read books; I slog through to the end nearly without exception.

And today I want to celebrate those slogs. I finished two books - one I started in July and the other in September. I also plied a yarn I started in August. I don't mind that it took so long - I am pleased that I am closing these chapters and moving on.

It feels good to clear away the weight of these unfinished projects and replace them with pride at sticking it out. Today is about the ritual of updating Goodreads and Ravelry with my thoughts and figures. Updating my catalogs of work done. And then after a good pat on the back, moving on to the next project.